Get Ready to Elevate Your Gin & Tonic

Introducing Joanna’s Premium Tonic Syrups

Meet Joanna

Discover how this self-professed foodie is sharing her talent for creating craft tonic syrups from scratch.

She Has a Way with Ingredients

Indeed she does. From the tastes and delicate notes infused into her products to the recipes she creates, Joanna has a gift for bringing ingredients to life.

Simple Ingredients. Pure Artistry.

Love making your own cocktails? Surprising guests with delicious drinks? Try a new premium tonic syrup with a one-of-a-kind, refreshing taste. Joanna’s handcrafted tonic syrups infuse simple ingredients to deliver unique, complex drinks.


She has a way with ingredients—and that’s not the only reason Joanna’s is unlike any tonic syrup your taste buds have ever experienced.

Produced in Small Batches

Joanna’s is lovingly made in small quantities to elevate the natural essence of the ingredients and create a tonic that’s aesthetically beautiful.

Carefully Selected Ingredients

Made with raw citrus juices, spices, real cinchona bark, and other natural ingredients, Joanna’s is a tonic syrup you can feel good about sipping and serving.

Pleasantly Bitter

Create great-tasting cocktails with the palate-pleasing bitterness and classically distinct flavor of a premium tonic syrup.

Pairs Nicely with Other Spirits

Add Joanna’s to practically any spirit in your liquor cabinet, including gin, silver tequila, sparkling wine, white rum, and vodka, or make it a mocktail.

The Tonics Lineup

Joanna’s is currently available in two distinct flavors: Original Tonic Syrup and Orange Fennel Tonic Syrup.

Original Tonic Syrup

Notes of grapefruit, orange, lemon, and lime delightfully mingle with botanicals and spices like angelica root and allspice.

Orange Fennel

Notes of orange artfully blend with an herbaceous pop of warm spices like fennel and cardamom.

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Our Story

A self-professed foodie who was tired of drinking overly sweet gin & tonics, Joanna Mouming was inspired to create her own premium tonic syrups.  “I realized I could make these tonics and provide easy-to-follow recipes that allow anyone to mix great drinks.”


Mix your own delicious cocktails and mocktails with Joanna’s easy-to-make recipes, including Gin & Joanna’s Original or Orange Fennel, the Havana Joanna, the Tequila Juanita, or a coconut mocktail, to name a few.

Where to Find

Joanna’s is popping up everywhere from farmers markets and restaurants to bars and retail stores. Discover where you can find Joanna’s near you. Don’t see anything close by? Ask your local establishments to stock Joanna’s.

Order Joanna's

It’s easy to purchase Joanna’s Original and Orange Fennel flavors. Buy them for yourself or for friends and family. The bright flavors and beautiful packaging make them ideal for  birthday, wedding, holiday, mother’s and father’s day, and host gifts.